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Mohammad Khamsya Bin Khidzer

MA: National University of Singapore, Sociology, 2013

BA: National University of Singapore, Sociology, 2011

Research Interests: Medical Sociology, Race & Ethnicity, Historical Sociology, Sociology of Scientific Knowledge, Postcolonial Southeast Asia

Personal Website:

My intellectual interests lie primarily in the area of knowledge production and expertise. I ask how it is that specific ideas, categories or concepts come to be negotiated, normalized and accepted by social groups, institutions or broader society over time.

My dissertation project adopts a history of the present approach to understand how diabetes came to be recognized as a disease of concern for minority ethnic groups in Singapore. Through analyzing archival material and interviews with medical experts, I piece together the historical and sociotechnical conditions that render diabetes - especially racialized diabetes - visible in contemporary public health discourse.  

My other biomedicine and health related research projects include the examination of 'biovalue' and how it is constructed in the public health discourse in Singapore. I have also collaborated on research to elucidate how genomic information is interpreted by different ethnic groups in Southeast Asia.
I am currently working with researchers from Singapore, the US and Canada to understand how ideas on race and privilege from the United States are discoursed in the social media space in Singapore.  

When I'm not reading or doing research, I'm usually playing soccer, taking photographs or indulging in desserts with a cup of coffee.



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