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Courses & Scheduling

Information on the Annual Schedule, Quarterly Schedule, Summer Session, Petitioning Coursework, Preauthorization, Full Course List, and Prerequisites, can be found in the tabs below our Course Spotlight. 

Visit for further important enrollment and registration information for 2019- 2020.

For Sociology course descriptions please visit the UCSD course catalog at:

Course Spotlights & Updates

Please see below for Summer20 and FA20 highlights, updates, and further description on courses: 

  • Summer 2020 is now available and open for enrollment! See our Summer Session Page for details.

  • Our Annual Schedule for the 20-21 Academic Year is now available! See the "Annual Schedule" tab below.
    • Please note that the Annual Schedule is subject to change, however it is our most finalized offerings at this time

  • Additional Courses just added to Summer Session 1 that are available!

    • SOCI 102: Network Data and Methods with Colin Burke
    • SOCI 171: Technology and Science with Jonathan Ruiz
    • SOCI 172: Films and Society with Seth Merritt
    • SOCI 188J: Change in Modern South Africa with Prof. Ivan Evans

  • FA20 Updates:

    • SOCI 1 will become available at the start of Second Pass enrollment for FA20. Remote options for both the lecture and discussion sections will be available.
    • SOCI 172 will also become available at the start of Second Pass enrollment for FA20. This course will be remote for FA20.
  • New and Coming Soon to FA20!

    • SOCI 147: Organizations, Society, and Social Justice with Arthur Atkinson (Coming Soon)
    • SOCI 134: The Making of Modern Medicine with Chad Valasek
    • SOCI 168E: Sociology of Science with Seth Merritt (Coming Soon)

Annual Schedule

We strive to provide the most up-to-date information on our annual course schedule.  Please note, that it is a tentative list and as such, is subject to change.

Quarterly Schedule

Our Quarterly course schedule can be found on the Schedule of Classes

Sociology Undergraduate courses are listed under subject code “SOCI – Sociology”; Graduate courses are listed under subject code “SOCG – Soc/Graduate” 

Petition Coursework

How do I petition a course from an outside university or an outside department?

To petition to apply course work completed from an outside university (summer school, community college, study abroad, etc.) or another department at UCSD towards your upper division electives in a major or minor in sociology, students must submit a General Petition to the department once the coursework has appeared on their degree audit.

The petition should include: name of the study center or university where course work was completed, department course number and course title, and number and level (upper- or lower-division) of credits granted through UC San Diego Admissions Office. Students should attach a copy of the syllabus and copies of exams or papers, especially if there is any doubt about the difficulty of the course or its sociological content.

Students are strongly advised to retain the syllabi, course papers, examinations, and all other paperwork from courses taken outside of UC San Diego. These materials may be useful after you return to facilitate the admissions officer's decision about credit transfers, as well as departmental approval of courses toward the major/minor requirement. The same materials may help resolve any debates that might arise in the department over possible duplication in course content.

Submission of Petition

Petitions must be submitted online. If you have questions please speak with a Sociology Advisor.

Petitions cannot be submitted through VAC, as the web portal does not allow students to upload any documents.

Preauthorization with the EASy System

What is pre-authorization?

There are circumstances in which a student will be unable to enroll in courses that they are eligible for, or a student may be interested in taking courses that they don't meet the formal pre-requisites for. Examples include:

  • Freshmen with sophomore standing attempting to enroll in freshman seminar courses
  • Students who will obtain junior standing at the end of a quarter, but are unable to enroll in upper division courses during their enrollment period mid-quarter.

Students are able to submit a rrequest via the Enrollment Authorization System to request enrollment authorization for classes. 

Submitting a pre-authorization request via the Enrollment Authorization System (EASy):

If the class you wish to enroll in has prerequisites or restrictions, please submit your preauthorization request via the Enrollment Authorization System (EASy). Requests are subject to review and you will receive an email once it's processed. Please allow 2-3 business days to process.

Please note that the EASy request does not guarantee enrollment, if your request is approved you will still be required to enroll in the course via WebReg.

Full Course List

Our full course list (TBA) includes courses that have yet to be added onto the General Catalog and annotations for cross-listed courses.

Course Prerequisites

While most of our courses don't have prerequisites, here are the few classes that do:

  • SOCI 87: a seminar limited to Freshman (upperclassman can enroll once a quarter begins, upperclassman should submit an EASy request to request enrollment- see Preauthorization tab above)
  • SOCI 102: SOCI 60
  • SOCI 103M: SOCI 60
  • SOCI 104: Sociology majors only and SOCI 60
  • SOCI 105: SOCI 60
  • SOCI 106: SOCI 60
  • SOCI 106M: SOCI 178 and SOCI 60
  • SOCI 107: SOCI 60
  • SOCI 108: SOCI 60
  • SOCI 109: SOCI 60
  • SOCI 109M: SOCI 60 & enrollment in either the RA program or MMFRP program (See special academic programs tab for more information)
  • SOCI 110: SOCI 60
  • SOCI 192: a seminar for Seniors; must have consent from department
  • SOCI 196A/B: for students accepted into the Sociology Honors Program
  • SOCI 199: application required 

Upper-division standing (90+ units) is required for all upper-division courses.