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Onboarding & New Hire Resources

Welcome to UC San Diego’s Department of Sociology! The Sociology Department is pleased to provide the following information to our faculty, lecturers, students, and staff to help navigate onboarding and hiring process for new and returning employees.

UCSD E-Mail & Active Directory

A UCSD/Active Directory account will be set-up for all employees and visiting scholars. Your departmental DSA will arrange for your email account to be set-up upon your arrival. All University communication will be done via your email account. Please be mindful of space limits on your account and heed messages that your mailbox is full by emptying out unnecessary emails.


Active Directory accounts at UC San Diego are set-up for all employees by the department and required to access the following systems:

  • Computer profiles


Password Change

Information about how to change your password.



The UCPath portal is a self-service website that gives employees 24/7 access to UC employment information. Employees are able to log into the UCPath portal from mobile devices and computers at work or home. Employees have the ability to view and update personnel and payroll information, sign up for direct deposit, update tax withholdings, view or enroll in benefits, see vacation and sick leave balances, and more. Although the UCPath portal is self-service with user tutorials available for most tasks, users can also submit inquiries through the “Ask a Question” tool.

Through UCPath you can:

  • Update your contact information
  • View your earnings statement (pay advice)
  • Update your security preferences
  • View and print your direct deposit statement
  • Review your benefits online
  • View or elect an online W-2 statement
  • Calculate and update your tax
    withholding information
  • Verify your UC employment
  • View your retirement and investment

For questions about your paycheck, benefits or other HR/payroll issues, please contact UCPath Support.  A description of available support options are listed on the “Need Help” page of the UCPath Website.

Requires Single Sign On or Active Directory employee account.


At Your Service Online (AYSO) can still be viewed to see historical information and earnings statements through May 2020. (rrequires Single Sign On or creation of a separate AYSO account.)

Mandatory Training

All university employees are required to complete various Compliance and Required Training based on their role within the university with your Single Sign-On (SSO) account. You can click the links below to go directly to the UC Learning eCourse or you may use the search feature to find them.

Mandatory eCourses

Direct Deposit/Pay Date

Direct Deposit

 Payroll pays faculty/staff/ASE employee salaries.

To enroll in Payroll Direct Deposit, you may enroll online via At Your Service Online or submit a paper check along with this completed Wage Disposition Form [PDF] to your Sociology Human Resources Representative.

  • Important: Enrolling in Direct Deposit via AYSO may take up to 15 days to process. If you choose to submit a paper check/form to the department, the process time is within 2-3 business days.


Payment by Paper Check

  • If you choose to be paid by paper check, your paper check and paystub (PDF) will be mailed to your permanent address on the appropriate pay day.
  • See the guide to reading your paycheck stub (PDF) for more information.


Pay Dates

Faculty/Lecturers/Exempt/Graduate Students (ASE titles):

Payment is scheduled for the first working day following the close of the pay period (for example: July earnings will be paid on August 1). If a non-working day occurs between the end of the pay period and the first working day of the next pay period, payment is made on the last working day of the pay period, except that December earnings are always paid on Jan. 1. Only 12 monthly pay dates may occur within a calendar year. Annual earnings for tax purposes run from December - November. The current payroll calendar may be found here

Pay versus Service

Staff/Non-Exempt/Undergraduate Student Employees:

Non-exempt staff and undergraduate student employees are paid biweekly. The current payroll calendar may be found here for the current paydates. Payday is the second Wednesday following the close of the pay period. If the second Wednesday is a holiday, then the payday is the first working day prior to that holiday, except for the New Year's holiday for which the pay date will always be Jan. 1.  A minimum of 26 and a maximum of 27 biweekly pay dates may occur within a calendar year.


Earnings Statement 

You may check your paystub at any time via At Your Service Online (AYSO).

It is advised that you also register for AYSO using a personal email so that you may still access your  if you are separated from the University.

  1. Instructions on how to access
  2. How to read Statement of Earnings

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