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Brenda Guzman

Academic Personnel Specialist

  • Academic Personnel Administration
    • Leave of Absence
    • Merits
    • Faculty Recruitment 
    • Lecture/Associate-In Files
  • Assistant to the Department Chair
    • Schedule appointments
  • Special Events Management
    • Colloquium Series
    • Gusfield Lecture
    • End of the Year Celebration
  • Visiting Scholars
    • Visiting Scholars Coordinator
Monday 9:30a - 6:00p (Remote)
Tuesday 9:30a - 6:00p (In Office)
Wednesday 9:30a - 6:00p (In Office)
Thursday 9:30a - 6:00p (Remote)
Friday 9:30a - 6:00p (Remote)

*This is a typical schedule but may fluctuate at times