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Faculty Members


  • Camila Alvarez

    Camila Alvarez

    Assistant Professor, Environmental sociology, environmental justice, and critical quantitative methodology. Recipient of the Career Enhancement Fellowship funded by Mellon Foundation
  • Mary Blair-Loy

    Mary Blair-Loy

    Professor, Director, Center for Research on Gender in STEM. PhD Chicago. Sociology of gender, culture, inequality, work and organizations, family.
  • Michel Estefan

    Michel Estefan

    Assistant Teaching Professor. PhD UC Berkeley. Social theory, political sociology, law and society, comparative and historical methods, Latin America, inclusive and equitable pedagogy and teaching.
  • Ivan Evans

    Ivan Evans

    Professor, Provost of Eleanor Roosevelt College. PhD Wisconsin 1986. African studies, political sociology, sociology of development, ethnic and race relations, social movements, sociology of the environment.
  • John H. Evans

    John H. Evans

    Professor; Tata Chancellor’s Chair in Social Sciences; Associate Dean of Social Sciences; Co-director of the Institute for Practical Ethics. Sociology of Religion, Sociology of Science, Politics, Public Ethics
  • David FitzGerald

    David FitzGerald

    Professor, Gildred Chair in U.S.-Mexican Relations and Co-Director, Center for Comparative Immigration Studies. PhD UCLA 2005. Law and society, international migration, political sociology, nationalism and ethnicity, comparative-historical and ethnographic methodology.
  • Harvey S. Goldman

    Harvey S. Goldman

    Professor. PhD UC Berkeley 1978. Theory, sociology of intellectuals and of knowledge, sociology of culture.
  • Neil Gong

    Neil Gong

    Assistant professor. PhD UCLA. Power and social control, sociology of medicine, social theory, STS, ethnographic methodology.
  • Bennetta Jules-Rosette

    Bennetta Jules-Rosette

    Distinguished Professor & Director of the African & African-American Studies Research Center. PhD Harvard 1973. Sociology of religion, sociology of knowledge, sociology of culture, sociology of art, ethnographic film and media methods, African studies.
  • Lane Kenworthy

    Lane Kenworthy

    Yankelovich Endowed Chair Professor. PhD Wisconsin 1993. Comparative political economy, poverty, inequality, social policy, politics.
  • Martha Lampland

    Martha Lampland

    Professor. PhD Chicago 1987. Political economy, social and cultural history, science studies, Central Europe (Hungary).
  • Kevin Lewis

    Kevin Lewis

    Professor. PhD Harvard 2012. Culture, social networks, social psychology, inequality, family.
  • Thomas Medvetz

    Thomas Medvetz

    Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies. PhD UC Berkeley 2007. Sociology of knowledge and intellectuals, classical and contemporary theory, political sociology, cultural sociology.
  • Daniel Navon

    Daniel Navon

    Associate Professor. PhD Columbia 2013. Sociology of science and knowledge/STS, comparative-historical sociology, social theory, medical sociology, qualitative methods.
  • Kwai Ng

    Kwai Ng

    Professor, Department Chair. PhD Chicago 2004. Sociology of law, sociology of language, social theory, religion
  • Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra

    Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra

    Associate Professor. PhD University of Edinburgh 2010. Economic sociology, sociology of markets, science and technology studies, cultural sociology, financial markets, art markets, public valuations, innovation.
  • Richard Pitt

    Richard Pitt

    Professor. PhD University of Arizona. Social psychology, religion, (higher) education, work and occupations, gender and family
  • Danielle Raudenbush

    Danielle Raudenbush

    Associate Professor. PhD Chicago. Urban sociology, health and medicine, poverty and inequality, qualitative methods.

  • Vanesa Ribas

    Vanesa Ribas

    Associate Professor. PhD North Carolina 2012. International migration, race relations, work.
  • Akos Rona-Tas

    Akos Rona-Tas

    Professor. PhD Michigan 1990. Economic sociology, uncertainty and risk, rational choice theory, comparative social stratification, survey research, methodology.
  • Gershon Shafir

    Gershon Shafir

    Distinguished Professor. PhD UC Berkeley 1980. Comparative-historical sociology, nationalism, citizenship and globalization, Middle Eastern societies, theory.
  • John D. Skrentny

    John D. Skrentny

    Professor. PhD Harvard. Science and innovation policy; education; work; immigration; political sociology; law and society.
  • April Sutton

    April Sutton

    • Assistant Professor. PhD The University of Texas at Austin 2015. Social stratification, education, gender, and spatial inequalities.
  • Charles Thorpe

    Charles Thorpe

    Professor. PhD UC San Diego 2001. Social and political theory, sociology of knowledge and intellectuals, sociology of science and technology, Marxism, culture, ecology and society.
  • Christena Turner

    Christena Turner

    Associate Professor. PhD Stanford 1987. Japanese society, culture, everyday life, organizations, Chinese society, work.
  • Jake Watson

    Jake Watson

    Assistant Professor. Interested in the goverance of international migration, with a focus on refugees.