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Mary Blair-Loy

Professor, Co-Director, Center for Research on Gender in STEMM

Curriculum Vitae

Mary Blair-Loy (she/her) has a B.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Chicago and an M.Div. from Harvard University. She uses multiple methods to study gender, the economy, work, and family. Much scholarship in these areas assumes that people often make individually strategic trade-offs between work and family obligations. This assumption overlooks how institutions are imbued with moral connotations experienced as externally binding and often conflicting. In contrast, Blair-Loy explicitly analyzes broadly shared, cultural models of a worthwhile life.  E.g., her research on the work devotion schema shows how this cultural model renders professional life meaningful, justifies spending little time on family care, and reinforces gender and race inequality in professional labor market.  Recent research, funded by the National Science Foundation, examines these issues among established STEM faculty (with Erin A. Cech) and early career academic scientists and engineers (with Pamela C. Cosman and colleagues).  She also studies the gender glass ceiling in the US and Norway (with Sigtona Halrynjo). 

Recent recognitions include:

  • 2019 PNAS article (with Erin A. Cech) recognized as a top 10 article of 2019 to make a “large impact on the public understanding of science”
  • 2019 Fellow, Max Planck Sciences Po Center on Coping with Instability in Market Societies (Max­Po), Paris.
  • 2018 recognition as a “Top Ten Extraordinary Contributor” in the “Landmark Contributions” category and named as a “Top Fifty Contributor” overall; recognitions were based on publication metrics, impact, and a reputational survey. Bi-annual conference, international Work and Family Researchers Network

She is the past Chair of two of the largest sections in the American Sociological Association: Sex and Gender; and Organizations, Occupations, and Work.  Her research has received attention in the New York Times, Nature, Nature News, Science Daily, Inside Higher Ed, Time Magazine, Boston Globe, Globe and Mail, Bloomberg News, Huffington Post, and other venues.  For recent examples, see:

Link to my Curriculum Vitae 

See Publications Tab for links to scholarly publications


Mary Blair-Loy. 2003. Competing Devotions: Career and Family among Women Executives. Cambridge, MA:  Harvard University Press. 

William J. Goode Book Award from the American Sociological Association

Listed as one of the 102 most cited works in sociology, 2008-2012, in a study by Neal Caren (UNC).


Edited Volume 

Amy Binder, M. Blair-Loy, John H. Evans, Kwai Ng, and Michael Schudson. 2008. Cultural Sociology and Its Diversity. Special issue of the Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. Vol. 619 (September).

Scholarly Articles and Chapters

Erin A. Cech and M. Blair-Loy. 2019. “The changing career trajectories of new parents in STEM.” PNAS Mar. 5, 2019 116 (10) 4182-4187


Recognized as a top 10 article of 2019 to make a “large impact on the public understanding of science”

Among other outlets, covered in:

Science Daily

Nature News

Inside Higher Ed

Market Watch


Erin Reid, Olivia O’Neill, and M. Blair-Loy. 2018. “Masculinity in Male-Dominated Occupations: How Teams, Time and Tasks Shape Masculinity Contests.” Journal of Social Issues Vol 74, Issue 3, pp. 579-606.

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Reprinted in Charles, Maria and Sarah Thébaud, eds. 2018. Gender and STEM: Understanding Segregation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Basel: MDPI Press.

  1. Blair-Loy and Erin A. Cech. 2017. “Demands and Devotion: Cultural Meanings of Work and Overload among Women Researchers and Professionals in Science and Technology Industries.” Sociological Forum 32(1): 5-27. 

(Rosabeth Moss Kanter Award Nominee)


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     Covered in: 

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