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Sevin Sagnic

BA: Marmara University, Political Science and International Relations
MA: University of Kent (BSIS), International Migration
MA: Bogazici University, Political Science and International Relations
Research interests:  Political Sociology; International Migration; Citizenship; Race& ethnicity; Gender; Populism; Qualitative Methods

I am a Ph.D. candidate at UC San Diego specializing in international migration and political sociology with a professional background in civil society organizations.
My research focuses on three core themes and their interaction with each other: refugee migration, state-citizen relations, and refugee knowledge production.
Building upon these research interests, my dissertation project delves into refugee policies from the late Ottoman Empire to contemporary Turkey, framed within the spheres of foreign policy and citizenship policies. Partial findings of this research have been published by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees as an expert report and incorporated into its flagship publication World on the Move.
My works on state-citizen relations in the context of populism were published in the British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies and as a peer-reviewed book chapter. Another article that analyzes international datasets on refugees to map out how these data conceal gendered vulnerabilities under the framework of “state logic” has been published by International Migration. My ongoing projects include a meta-analysis of academic publications on refugees, theorizing how states use refugees in international relations, and a Global South Migration entry for The SAGE Encyclopedia of Refugee Studies.
My research aims to shed light on the intricate dynamics of refugee migration, state-citizen relations, and refugee knowledge production. By actively engaging with diverse audiences through platforms such as blog posts, public lectures, and interviews, I seek to contribute to informed discussions and catalyze meaningful societal impact.

UNESCO Profile: Şevin Gülfer Sağnıç | UNESCO Inclusive Policy Lab
Teaching Instructor
Sociology of Immigration (Fall 2022& Spring 2023)
Qualitative Interviewing (Winter 2023)
Comparative Historical Methods (Summer 2023)

Teaching Assistant
Department of Sociology, UC San Diego, 2020 – 2021
Intro. to Sociology, Science Technology and Society

Warren College, UC San Diego, 2019 – 2020
Writing Program

Global Leadership Institute, UC San Diego, February 2020
Future Global Leaders Program

Department of Sociology, UC San Diego, 2018 – 2019
Intro. to Sociology, Sociology for Pre-Med Students, Suicide

Fellowship and Awards:
The International Institute Graduate Research and Travel Award, UC San Diego 2,000 USD, 2022.

Graduate Professional Student Association' Interdisciplinary Research Award, UC San Diego, 2021.

The Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation (IGCC) Dissertation Fellowship, 23,000 USD, 2021.

Friends of the International Award, UC San Diego,1,000 USD, 2019.

Department of Sociology Summer Research Grant, UC San Diego, 5,000 USD, 2019.

Jean Monnet Scholarship, The European Commission, 35,000 Euro, 2013.

Enduring and Emerging Inequalities in the European Labor Market Program Participation Scholarship, Erasmus University Rotterdam, 1,000 Euro, 2013.

The European Commission Erasmus Exchange Program Scholarship, 8,000 Euro, 2012.

Journal Articles
Those Left Behind: A critical review of dataset on refugees. International Migration: (June 2023)

Politics of Hope and Populist Backlash: Kurds In Turkey And Palestinians In Israel, British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, DOI: 10.1080/13530194.2022.2158064. Gershon Shafir & Şevin Gülfer Sağnıç (2022)

Deterrence Displacement, and Death: The Impact of the Border Wall on Undocumented Migration. T.Wong, M. Farver, S.G. Sagnic; Under revision.

Book Chapters
“Local and National”: the rise of populism and foreign policy as a two-dimensional process in Turkey; Populism and Human Rights in Turbulent Era, Edward Elgar (May 2023), ed. Alison Byrsk, DOI:

Civil Society and Syrian Refugees in Turkey: A Human Security Perspective. H. Mackhreath, M.U.Gungor, S.G. Sagnic; in Syrian Communities in Turkey: Today and Tomorrow (2017), I. Sirkeci, D.Eroglu, O. Unutulmaz

Contributor or Barrier: The Role of the Kurdish Diaspora in Turkeys EU Accession Process, S.G.Sagnic; in Conflict, Insecurity and Mobility, Transnational Press London (January 13, 2016), I. Sirkeci, J.H. Cohen,P. Yazgan.

Research Reports

Refugee Reception in the Ottoman Empire and The Turkish Response to Syrian Refugees. (2022)

Civil Society Organizations and Syrian Refugees in Turkey, H. Mackreath, S.G. Sagnic, Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly (2017)

Book Reviews
Sagnic, S. G. (2022). Book Review: The Urbanization of Forced Displacement: UNHCR, Urban Refugees, and the Dynamics of Policy Change by Neil James Wilson Crawford. International Migration Review, 0(0).

Blog Posts

Moving from “Compassion” to Refugee Rights, June 17, 2022

The World in 2022: Weaponization of Migration, January 6, 2022

Interview: Digital Gym Cinema launches Science on Screen | KPBS Public Media