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Bernardo Mackenna

MA: PUC-Chile, Sociology, 2014

BA: PUC-Chile, Sociology, 2012

Research Interests: Social Stratification, Quantitative Methods, Social Networks, Social Psychology


My research attempts at explaining the ways resources of all kinds are distributed in society through personal and institutional interactions. One of my main concerns is the way that contact between different individuals -in terms of social status, class, race, ethnicity, political views, among others- shape how they perceive, interpret and act upon the world. I rely on various quantitative methods, such as surveys, experiments, and big data, to attempt to identify the causal mechanisms that link social interactions with beliefs and behavior.


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Mackenna, B. (2012). A small-scale democracy: ideology, management, friendship networks, and social capital in elections with a small number of voters (in Spanish). Working paper."

Alárcon, V., Núñez, J., Salgado, M. Mackenna, B. Social profiling and the influence of Ascriptive vs. Achieved characteristics on the perceptions of social status along the life cycle: a factor survey analysis for Chile. (Under Review)

Salgado, M., Mackenna, B., & Núñez, J. Expectations of Trustworthiness Across the Social Status Hierarchy. (In Preparation)

González, R., & Mackenna, B. Social Networks and Inequality between Mapuche and Non-Mapuche: The Effects of Inter-Group Contact. (In Preparation)

2014-2018: Sociological Paradigms (Intro to Social Theory), PUC-Chile
2016-2017: Social Research Methodology, PUC-Chile
2016: Sociology, Adolfo Ibáñez University