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Rowan Hildebrand-Chupp

BA: Reed College, Psychology, 2013

Research Interests: Science and technology studies, sociology of psychiatry, historical sociology, social movements


I study the politics of psychiatric knowledge and classification, focusing on the interactions between mental health professionals, sexual/gender minority communities, and government institutions in the United States since 1940. My research uses an interdisciplinary approach to study the moral/ethical values underlying the definition of mental disorder in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

I am also interested in pragmatist philosophy as an approach to historical sociology and to transfeminist science studies.

Hildebrand-Chupp, Rowan. 2020. "More than ‘canaries in the gender coal mine’: A transfeminist approach to research on detransition." The Sociological Review 68(4):800-816.